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T.L. Industrial Supplies Srl

T.L. Industrial Supplies Srl

T.L. Industrial Supplies Srl specializes in the restoration (humification, rubber coating) and the manufacture of shafts for the metallurgical industry. The introduction of modern technology and the use of high-quality materials – more than 150 types of rubbers and polyurethanes – allows you to choose the type of coating that fulfills the orders, which has the best performance properties for shafts of any purpose.

A full complex of metal processing equipment, which includes lathes, milling and grinding machines allow the enterprise to produce new shafts with a metal rod with a high class of accuracy and in a short time.

Advanced technologies and professionals in their field provide accurate geometry of the shafts and high-quality grinding of surfaces.

Control from the receipt of materials to finished products, including control during the execution of technological operations, ensure the high quality of the finished product. The quality control system, organized by production, provides a guarantee for each product of the company.

High wear characteristics of one- and two-component polyurethane coatings causes their wide use in various areas of industry.

Used rubber compounds: NBR, NBR / PVC, EPDM, HY, NE, SBR, XNBR, SILICONE, EPDM / Silicone. A wide range of rubber grades makes it possible to choose the coating with the best performance characteristics for any purpose (see property table). Rubbers are supplied from Germany, England, Italy. Special coatings for industrial equipment – with the content of hydrophilic elements, resistant to abrasion, to aggressive chemicals.

Types of rollers and rollers for cold rolling mills of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy which are produced by T.L.Industrial Supplies SRL:

– for AGNC lines
– for pickling-etching
– for staining – applicating rollers
– for longitudinal and transverse cutting
– interim
– supporting
– workers
– transport
– biconical